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Charm, Power and Sex Appeal

By Miss Thea on Sunday, 20 of November , 2011 at 9:00 am

In the past years I have come to notice that the strongest points of being a woman is her charm, power and sex appeal. Don’t you agree girls? Each one of us has it but has not honed their skill just yet. Learn how to master these moves and it will take you to greater heights. The take-charge attitude will still get you anything you want. Let me share to you my secrets in how it take to have these all. And these characteristics will not only give you an edge to men but also to women. Read further and find out why.


First: you got to flirt shamelessly and this will make you irresistible. You have to work your way into peoples’ good graces by flattering them. As a result, those people will be happy to do favors for you. This actually worked for me when I was just starting out with my new job. It was difficult to find friends at work nowadays. Really,You would think that the workplace is like an ocean full of crabs trying to pull you down. But if you know how to get through to certain people you can overcome this obstacle in just a few. Since heaping multiple compliments on those around you can come across fake, try to figure out what the person values, like their fashion sense or their love for basketball then focus you flattery on those particular areas. Remember to never let them know that you are doing it for your own good or else it will appear fake and the person will be annoyed at you. And this is not good at all. I had this boss before who was trying to convince me not to resign. And God, she was just the worst! She would flatter me in the most insincere way in almost about anything she sees I am holding or wearing. I eventually resigned and deleted her on my Facebook account.


Second: this suggestion might draw negative reactions to you but what can I say it worked for me and most of my friends. It also worked way back in the days when Cleopatra had an affair with Julius Caesar. I am no saying to have an affair with all the powerful people around you but what I mean here is just cozying up to the people in charge. This will make you more powerful. I usually use this strategy by going to work events and introducing myself to successful people. It is also considered powerful that in order to win over people you got to speak their language. This means you need to get to know the person really hard, check out what impresses her and do it.

You might have heard of the guys saying I like a girl who acts like a dude, well its true, I watch and do sports with my guy and that’s how he fell in love with me. He told me that it was not because I’m good, to which I’m not of course, but it’s because of my competitive nature that made him want me more. It made him feel that I understood and care on what he wants to do always.

You got enemies girl? Then fear not. Keeping an eye on the person who wronged you pays off in time. She will think you are buddies and she will be consequently nicer to you yet what she doesn’t know is that you are going to figure her out on her next move before she attempts anything.

Use your charm, power and sex appeal to you advantage as long as you don’t hurt people along the way. Enjoy the privileges of being a woman! See you around!

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Made Wednesday, 28 of December , 2011 at 8:34 pm

You got this from a book.

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