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Swedish Minister Meet the Filipino Community

By Blue Rose on Friday, 4 of March , 2011 at 6:00 am

On the invitation of Philippine Ambassador to Sweden Maria Zeneida Angara Collinson, the Swedish Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag recently met with Filipino community representatives.

Present during the meeting  were Fr. Gabriel Baldostamon (Saint Nicolai Parish in Linköping), Mr. Noli Buhay (Ugnayang Pilipino), Ms. Lendsy Theodorsson (Bayanihan), Ms. Hanna Stenbacka (Filipino-Swedish Youth), Ms. Karol Jennel and Ms. Vangie Jorquia (ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent).

Also present during the meeting were Ambassadors from the Association from Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and some members of the ASEAN community in Stockholm.

An initiative of Ambassador Collinson, the meeting was aimed at raising the profile of the growing Filipino community in Sweden by focusing on their successes in assimilating to Swedish life and culture.

Filipino community members actively engaged Minister Ullenhag on their proposals to strengthen the Swedish Government’s language program for immigrants, particularly in terms of enabling quicker employment.

They also asked the Minister on the administration’s response to the seemingly anti-immigrant sentiment, following the terrorist bomb attacks in Stockholm December of last year and the influence of the right-wing Sweden Democrats in the Swedish Parliament.

Minister Ullenhag enthusiastically received the ideas of the Filipino community representatives and acknowledged the important role the 13,000 strong Filipino community has played in contributing to the progress of Sweden.

He assured that his office would remain open to the Filipino community and to the community’s suggestions for a more effective policy for integration.

The Minister also reaffirmed the Swedish Government’s commitment to safeguard and promote the country’s open and tolerant views.

He was especially pleased to know that Filipinos in Sweden were peaceful and productive members of society.

Minister Ullenhag assumed his ministerial portfolio in October 2010 under the second mandate period of Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s government.

He has the responsibility to ensure the speedier integration of newly arrived immigrants into Sweden’s working and social life.

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Pres. Aquino is Not Corrupt: from the Danish Embassy Website

By My Blue Heart on Tuesday, 7 of December , 2010 at 3:40 pm

Aquino was elected as new president of the Philippines in May 2010 with the slogan of combating corruption and fighting poverty. Corruption has been very extensive under his predecessors, especially while Arroyo was reigning (2001-2010).


It is most questionable if corruption will ever vanish completely. Aquino’s fight on corruption is an enormous task that will take many years to combat. And it is probably not something that will happen in his presidency, though this initial effort is of utmost importance. Corruption remains a serious threat to prosperity and development in countries all over the world.

A 2010-report by the Transparency International (TI) showed that on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean), the Philippines maintained a score of 2.4 in this year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

Aquino’s effort to eliminate corruption as the rule of conduct in the political system in the Philippines is therefore even more admirable. A president labelled as incorruptible is inspiring in this effort, and gives high hopes that changes in the political structures in the Philippines can happen at last.

According to a group of Filipino-Chinese businessmen (Anvil Business Club), President Benigno S. Aquino III ranks alongside Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, as incorruptible, writes The Royal Danish in Kuala Lumpur on it’s website.

Aquino is likened to Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister of Singapore (1959-1990), who led his country from poverty to prosperity, as being “incorruptible.” Wilson Lee, one of the founders of the Anvil Business Club, said, that like famous leader Lee Kuan Yew who transformed Singapore into an economic superpower, Aquino could do the same to the Philippines, because the two leaders share several similarities.

Aquino also still enjoys the support of the Filipinos. In a just publicised survey on the public satisfaction with the government’s general performance, the rating result was “very good”, with a net satisfaction score of +64 (73-9). This survey was the first during Aquino’s presidency, and marked the reversal of a long run of negative net scores in former president Arroyo’s scores on public satisfaction.

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How to Cope When Money’s gone

By Blue Rose on Thursday, 27 of August , 2009 at 3:34 pm

It’s not the situation that causes stress, but the person’s perception of the situation. Listen, there’s not one universal stressor. A traumatizing experience for you may be taken as a challenge by the person next to you. Faith in God in your own strengths and in other people’s goodness is crucial. But here are three more essential factors that will help you discover how well you can survive your new, less golden life.

condo's and hotels in BKK

1. Foundation while growing up – ask you’re self: “What kind of upbringing did I have? Did my parents impart good values? Did they teach me how to be strong in times of trial? And to always have a positive outlook in life?”

How you were brought up is a big factor in determining how capable you are of handling problems that come your way. If you were a spoiled rotten as kid who learned no values whatsoever, dealing with your penniless state will be very difficult. However, if you were brought up with a balanced set of values, then it’s up to you to put everything you’ve learned from your folks into practice.

Andrew’s mom was capricious, overly indulgent, and knew nothing about child discipline. When she died, Andrew expected his relatives to cater to his whims and serve him, just as his mother did. His foundation of values was almost non-existent, which made his new poverty unbearable both for Andrew and the people around him.

2. Support system in place – ask you’re self: “How will my new financial status affect my relationships and my social life? Will my rich friends still be there for me? Or will I have to replace them with a new set of friends? Will my boyfriend stay with me even if I have no more money? Will my relatives treat me the way they did when I was rich?”

Family and friends who can and will support you in this time of need are essential. Some people who found themselves in dire situations were able to start a new because of another person’s pr presence and assistance. This is also the best time to discover who your true friends are. Your changed status may break old bonds, but there will always be other, more durable relationships to take their place.

Stephanie’s relatives stopped coming to their place after her family’s financial downfall. They could no longer host lavish get-togethers. She can only able to share her story to her true friends.

street and highways in BKK

3. Your own personality – ask you’re self: “Am I tough or sensitive? An optimist or a pessimist? Self-reliant or dependent? Proud or humble?”

Research proves that it takes six months after a new situation transpires to determine how a person will deal with changes in his life. It was discovered that optimists who became paraplegics eventually regained their positive outlook in life. Before, they were “happy people.” Today, they are “happy people in wheelchairs.” Pessimists who won the lottery were “poor money-pinching worriers” before. Now, they are “rich money-pinching worriers.”

Your outlook in life is based on how you interpret the world before the changes occurred. If you’ve got a positive view in life, then you’re all good! If not, it’s time to change your attitude. If you choose to change your negative behavior, people will response can alter your negative thoughts, and eventually bring about new positive situations.

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8 Ways to Achieve your Goal

By Blue Rose on Tuesday, 25 of August , 2009 at 8:00 pm

- Intuition – have you ever changed an answer on a test, only to find out later that your first answer was the right one? That’s what’s known as ignoring your intuition – or your gut feeling. Women are especially tuned into their ability to choose right from wrong. But your intuition won’t do you any good if you let your boyfriend, friends, or a quest to be popular make you lose sight of what really matters to you – most of all when it comes to your future.

DSCN0895- Integrity – staying true to your values – especially when it comes to sex, drugs, and alcohol – is the real meaning of integrity. But it isn’t easy. I had a teen friend who gave in to peer pressure and drove her car after having a couple of drinks. Her driving under the influences was no big deal, right? Wrong! It was like being grounded for life. Because of one lapse in judgment she was the only one on her group of friends who couldn’t get a great job or afford a cool apartment. Let’s face it: there is always going to be that temptation to do something you know you shouldn’t. But it will be easier to resist – maintaining your integrity – if you surround yourself with people who, like you, are motivated to get something more out of life than a good time at the next kegger. Plus, talking to others who share the same passions and interests as you do will heightens your creativity more.

- Genius – unfortunately, many girls value their outer beauty more than their brainpower and creativity. You need to embrace your genius: use it to develop ideas and make yourself heard Natalie Portman and Julia Stiles may have beautiful faces, but the isn’t the real reason they’re successful – their drive, intelligence, being smart, and college degrees all helped.

-Vision – when you see a picture of a beautiful place or of a cool car you’d like to own someday, you feel inspired, right? That’s because those photos give you goals – things you strive for. To really visualize your future, cut out pictures from magazines that represent your current goals and how you’ll feel when you achieve them. Then, create a “dream board” by pasting these photos (along with pictures of yourself) onto a piece of cardboard or poster paper. The more you connect with your vision, the more achievable it will be.

- Passion – nobody likes a downer – someone who’s always saying “I’m bored” or “this sucks!” People want friends who are passionate, interesting, and full of new ideas. If you don’t feel excited about anything, it’s because you haven’t discovered what drives you yet. But you need to find it – it’s not just going drop out of the sky and find you. Try this: write down five things you might enjoy doing. Maybe it’s cooking, or painting, or learning to sail. Now do them. Not right? Keep trying new things until you find something that is – it’s the only way to discover what will make you happy. And one day you may even turn that passion into a career you’ll love.

- Agility – girls are flexible both physically and mentally. Need proof? Look at how you can handle a million extracurricular activities and tons of homework – yet still find time to spend with your friends. But you can also use your multitasking skills to discover your future career. If your goal is to become a doctor, volunteer at a local hospital. If you want to be the next Kelly Clarkson, start taking voice lessons. After all, you’ve got an entire dream board to fill!

- Persistence – persistence is the inner strength to stick it out when you’d rather quit. Most truly successful people endure a lot of failure before they achieve success. J.K. Rowling was snubbed by dozens of publisher before she hit it big with the Harry Potter series; Oprah Winfrey was fired from one of her jobs because somebody decided “she wasn’t fit for TV.” It’s okay to fail as along as you see the lessons in every mistake you make and use them to become even stronger. Persistence means changing “I can’t” into “I will” – and continuing to believe in yourself no matter what.

girlfriend bonding- Friendship – if you’re feeling down, sometimes all it takes is a pep talk from your best bud to pick you up. Now multiply that power of positivity by hosting a sleepover and practicing “female fusion”. Try this: sit in a circle with your girlfriends, then take turns describing a secret dream you want to achieve. Next, have the guests in the circle share one thing they love about everyone else there. Bonding with friends who admire and support you will give you the energy and inspiration to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

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New Plant-Eating Rats and Insects Discovered

By Blue Rose on Friday, 21 of August , 2009 at 9:30 am

The Philippines is home to another plant that is not found in any other place in the world after botanists discovered a new species that is capable of eating rats and insects in Central Palawan.

The Philippines is the “third richest region for Nepenthes diversity after Sumatra and Borneo, each with approximately 30 endemic species.” The botanists described the new Nepenthes species as “immediately distinguishable from other Nepenthes by its great dimensions and trumpet-shaped lower and upper pitchers.”

plant eating rats and insectsThe huge carnivorous pitcher plant called Nepenthes Attenboroughii, said to be the largest meat-eating plant, was discovered at Mount Victoria in the municipality of Narra by the group of botanists led by Britons Alastair Robinson and Stewart McPherson saw the plant in 2007. They heard of the new plant species from two Christian missionaries who claimed to have seen the huge pitcher plant in 2000, reported Chris Irvine of the Telegraph.

The botanists explained in the article why they named the new plant species Nepenthes attenboroughii.“The specific epithet, attenboroughii, is a commemorative, genitive noun in apposition taken from the patronymic Attenborough,” they said.

They noted that they chose to name the plant after broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough because he is a “keen enthusiast of the genus and a patron of Philippine conservation efforts.”They also mentioned that Attenborough has “outstanding television documentaries have made the world’s natural history accessible and understandable to millions.”

Attenborough, for his part, said he was “absolutely flattered.” He told the Telegraph: “This is a remarkable species the largest of its kind. I’m told it can catch rats then eat them with its digestive enzymes. It’s certainly capable of that.”

“The plant produces spectacular traps which catch not only insects, but also rodents,” McPherson told Irvine.

“It is remarkable that it remained undiscovered until the 21st century,” he added.

McPherson and Robinson published a paper on the new pitcher plant species along with Andreas Fleischmann, Volker Heinrich, Elizabeth Gironella and Clemencio Peña.

“A spectacular new species of Nepenthes L.(Nepenthaceae) pitcher plant from central Palawan, Philippines” was published in the Botanical Journal of Linnean Society in February 2009.According to the journal article, the Philippines are home to 17 Nepenthes species, 16 of which are endemic. This means that they can only be found in the Philippines.

They also noted that it is the “only member of the genus occurring at high elevation on the mountain.”pitcher plant2Matt Walker of BBC’s Earth News reported that the botanists have placed specimens of Nepenthes attenboroughii in the herbarium of Palawan State University

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Let’s Laugh a Little

By Blue Rose on Tuesday, 18 of August , 2009 at 7:49 pm

Driving my three-year-old daughter to day care before work, I noticed a family of dead raccoons on the road. I quickly sped past, hoping she wouldn’t spot them. No such luck.

“Mummy, what was that?”

“Some wood must have fallen from a truck,” I fibbed.

“Oh,” she said. “Is that what killed all those raccoons?”

best laughWe’d just moved to a new city, and I was working nights in a call center. Parent-teacher interviews were coming up and my daughter, Bethany, who was in primary 2, took it upon herself to explain to her teacher why I couldn’t be there.

“My mummy can’t come tonight,” Bethany said, “because she works nights. She’s a call girl.”


Marking the register of my year II from group, I asked if anyone knew what had happen to a boy who had been absent for some days.

“I think he’s got the flu, sir,” said his friend.

“What do you mean you ‘think’ he’s got the flu?”

“That’s what I thought he said when I saw him in the night club last night.”


A mathematician got an earful from his wife after wandering home at 3 am. “You’re late!” she yelled. “You said you’d be home by 11:45!”

“Actually,” the mathematician replied coolly, “I said I’d be home by a quarter of 12.”

 watch out your laugh auncle

The linguist’s husband caught his wife in the arms of another man. “Susan,” he said, “I’m surprised!”

“No, I’m surprised,” she corrected him. “You’re astonished.”


My sister-in-law, a professional storyteller, was in Europe speaking at various libraries. Later, she called her mother and told her that’s she’d just given a speech for 250 librarians.

“Great,” said her mother. “And how much is that in American money?”

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Figure the Fact

By Blue Rose on Tuesday, 18 of August , 2009 at 4:15 pm

Why a square boxing area is called a ring?

boxing ring

The answer is that “ring” was first applied not to boxing area but to the spectators who formed a ring around the combatants, according to Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Although hand-to-hand combat was probably invented by the first two-year-old boy to discover he had a younger sibling, the first public boxing matches took place in early 18th century England. These were bare-knuckled affairs with no time limits, no ropes and no referees. The winner was the last man standing. The ring of bloodthirsty fans formed an enclosure for the pugilists.

Eventually, as boxers started to make money for their efforts, small arena were built that featured rings demarcated by wooden barriers or heavy ropes. The current ring, with four (or occasionally three ropes tied to turnbuckles on corner posts, is the descendant.

Although sanctioning bodies mandate the size of boxing rings, professional wrestling has no such requirement. In many venues, the same rings are used for boxing and wrestling. Amateur wrestling is done on amts laid across the floor. Ironically, the action in amateur wrestling is demarcated by a circle yet it isn’t called a ring. None of this makes sense without the historical perspective. That’s probably why most common slang term for the ring in professional wrestling is “the squared circle”.

boxing ring2

Why can’t hair grow on a vaccination mark?

A vaccination mark is nothing more than scar tissue. A vaccination causes an inflammation intense enough to destroy the hair follicles in its vicinity. Any deep injury to the skin will destroy hair follicles and cause hair loss. One can transplant hair onto a vaccination mark, but one can never bring a dead hair follicle back to life.

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Hair Care Tips

By Blue Rose on Monday, 17 of August , 2009 at 7:32 am

Hair conscious? Here are some tips for you to know what are the Do’s and Don’ts in caring your hair.


  1. Choose brushes and combs with widely spaced and smooth tipped bristles and teeth to avoid the risk of splitting hairs and scratching the scalp.
  2. Wash combs and brushes in shampoo or soap at least once a week.
  3. Always rinse your hair thoroughly.
  4. Use a conditioner to smooth the outer surface of the hair, which is roughened by washing.
  5. Apply extra conditioner when using a hairdryer, rollers, or tongs.
  6. Always try a temporary rinse first before you risk using permanent color.
  7. Go to a professional colorist for permanent dyeing or bleaching.
  8. To disguise graying, try a semi permanent colorant, which lasts for six to eight shampoos.


  1. Over brush your hair, it may increase the greasiness of oily hair and break the ends of dry hair.
  2. Tangle the hair while washing it.
  3. Give dry hair two applications of shampoo.
  4. Rub too vigorously when drying; it may break and tangle the hair.
  5. Have permanent bleach if all you really need are “highlights.”
  6. Apply permanent color until you have tested the solution on your skin for 36 hours to check for any adverse reactions.

medium_lenghthairDid you know?

  1. Brushing your hair 100 times a day to make the hair shine does no good and may even damage the hair.
  2. Daily shampooing, although not strictly necessary, can do no harm as long as you use a mild shampoo.
  3. Static electricity is reduced by a conditioner.
  4. The hair is heavy when wet and up to 20 percent less elastic when dry.
  5. A permanent can give body to lank hair, but the chemicals can make it drier and more brittle.
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